10 Week Transformation: Gary Stone

Gary Stone

9th July – 12th Sept

2x PT sessions per week (Monday and Wednesday)


Body Composition 09/07/18 12/09/18
Weight 180.4 181.6
Body Fat % 19.9 17.1
Lean Muscle % 38.8 41.5
Chest 39″ 38.5″
Waist 32″ 30″
Hips 39″ 37″


Gary came to me as an experienced runner, obstacle course racer and triathlete, having completed an Ironman. His goals were to learn about strength training, increase his upper body strength and improve his overall fitness. Despite being in great physical condition Gary had never invested any time in strength training and concentrated on his cardio.


Over the 10 weeks Gary spent time learning and focussing on the following key lifts:
deadlifts, squats, bench press, strict press, push press and the clean.

Here are his final weightlifting stats:

100kg 3 rep max

Back Squat:
100kg 1 rep max
90kg 3 rep max

Front Squat:
70kg 3 rep max

Bench Press:
60kg 3 rep max

Strict Press:
47.5kg 1 rep max
45kg 3 rep max

Push Press:
52.5kg 1 rep max
50kg 3 rep max

40kg 5 rep max

As well as focussing on strength training we spent time improving Gary’s functional fitness and working to also increase his speed, endurance and flexibility. This was done through extremely varied and goal-orientated workouts which combined strength and cardio elements.

The main test used as a benchmark to measure improvements in Gary’s overall fitness was the Forza Fitness 50. Gary undertook this workout on 16th July and then again on his final session on 12th September.

The Workout

50 Burpee
50 Push Up
50 30kg Back Squat
50 Ring Row
50 16kg Kettlebell Swing
50 15kg Power Bag Clean and Press
50 Plank Shoulder Tap
50 12kg Kettlebell Goblet Squat
50 15kg Slamball
50 Sit Up
*Every 5 minutes you must complete 1 minute on the bike

16th July 38.05
12th Sept 27.22

START YOUR Transformation

“As an obstacle race and triathlon fanatic, I wanted to develop my upper body and core strength to improve my performances in these events. When I realised I had little or no idea of how to do this I turned to Liza, thanks to her I feel fitter, stronger faster. I enjoyed every minute of my PT sessions and if you need help achieving your fitness goals, this is the place!”

– Gary