Who is Liza Smith?

I am a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and group run leader. I am fully insured and REPS registered.

Being so passionate about health and fitness means my spare time is mostly dedicated to training and participating in some form of racing. I am a complete Obstacle Course Race addict and also enjoy trail and road running and doing the very occasional triathlon.

Professionally, I help transform bodies and lives. I take my role extremely seriously and this means I am always learning and working to be at the cutting edge of the health and fitness industry so I can deliver the most effective training and nutrition plans to you.

These plans alone, however, are not enough. I will work with you to achieve long lasting lifestyle changes to ensure your hard work sticks and the results you achieve last.

The Forza Fitness Ethos:

I believe in practising what I preach and therefore take my training and nutrition seriously. I am not interested in perfect, I am interested in positive change, improvement and creating something different. I know that I will never be a particularly speedy runner and I REALLY enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut! However, I always try to lead from the front when it comes to putting in the effort and being a motivating force. I have learnt how to endure and overcome the struggles, problems and emotions that we all encounter when trying to make a desired positive lifestyle change.

Success is never a straight road but I will work with you so that we try to avoid the pitfalls, manage them if and when they do come and, no matter what, achieve that positive transformation you are looking for.


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