Now I’m going to talk about Calorie Deficit…

You’ve probably heard the term Calorie Deficit. It’s almost like its the new topic topic for the fitness world but it has long been know that when it comes to losing fat, it is the only real way to go.  It’s not new, it’s not even that exciting (apart from the results it brings)… but […]

Posted by Liza Smith on March 7th 2019

Become a “Runner” !

So many of my clients either have started or want to start running. Those that have still will not refer to themselves as a “Runner”. When I ask why, they invariably tell me things like “well, I’m a jogger really”, “I’m not that fast” or “I’m not good enough to be a runner”. Let’s get […]

Posted by Liza Smith on March 17th 2018

Slimming World… Not for people that workout and why

I’ve been inspired / pushed to write this blog post due the amount of women who are either doing slimming world (SW), have just done SW or are thinking about doing it and are becoming motivated not to train or workout.  I am not here to slate SW. All I want to do is debunk […]

Posted by Liza Smith on September 30th 2017

Ladies, this one’s for you…

Hormones and Fat Loss There’s something we don’t really talk about but it can have a major effect on our training and our results and that thing is our menstrual cycle.  Do you really know what happens during that ongoing 28 day cycle? Do you understand which hormones are spiking when and what that means […]

Posted by Liza Smith on July 27th 2017

Micronutrients… Yep, thats right. I said Micro’s

  I get asked by my PT clients all the time about macro’s (macronutrients; carbohydrates, protein and fats) but we don’t really talk about the micronutrients, those all important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. FACT: No matter how hard you train, you cannot out-train a bad diet. So yes, you should be aware of your […]

Posted by Liza Smith on July 6th 2017

What I learnt from my first marathon

As many of my close friends will attest to, I was very blasé about running my first marathon, even though the London Marathon is a race I have wanted to tick of my list for a long time. I entered the ballot eight years in a row with no success so took the plunge and […]

Posted by Liza Smith on May 12th 2017

Not seeing the results you want?

Do you feel like you’re spending hours training but just not seeing the results you want? We all have different reasons for working out and all have different desired results.  It might be that you are just generally focused on being a bit healthier, keeping your heart healthy and keeping illness and disease at bay. But it might […]

Posted by Liza Smith on April 4th 2017

Let’s talk protein

Anyone embarking on a new fitness regime is probably also concerned with tidying up their diet. This may lead to them having been told/read articles by numerous experts giving the advice to “load up on protein”. Now there is no denying that protein, as one of the three macronutrients, is hugely important. However, it is […]

Posted by Liza Smith on February 22nd 2017

New Year, New You – How is it going so far?

Many of us use the start of a new year to refocus on our health, fitness and lifestyle choices. I know a lot of people hate the New Year, New You thing but for some it is an important time of year, to be able to put the past behind them and start working towards […]

Posted by admin on January 16th 2017

Why you should stretch every day

We all hear all the time that stretching is important, but do you really understand the benefits? When you’re time poor, there might be a strong temptation to skip the stretching in order to spend more time on cardio, thinking thats the best use of your time. Don’t. Whether you’ve got a CrossFit WOD, fitness […]

Posted by admin on December 16th 2016