I first started training with Liza about 7 months ago. As a mum of two young children and with a busy job, I found I was starting to neglect my own health and fitness. I felt tired constantly and my goal was to be able to do more without constantly feeling exhausted.

Liza has been great, she’s tailored each session to suit my energy levels and gradually helped me build stamina and core strength. She has also been giving me information on diet and healthy choices where small changes can make a big difference. As a result, I can now easily tackle the local soft play scene with my toddlers, crawling through the tunnels, up the climbing frames and down the slide with energy left to be able to do some cooking and even stay awake at work the next day!

I could have joined the gym but probably wouldn’t ever have turned up to it. Liza addresses things holistically, she looks at your goals and puts together a plan for you as an individual. She clearly loves what she does and I look forward to my workouts, the best ‘me’ time in the week.

Auz // PT Client Client
October 24, 2022