And we go again… From 0 to 140.6

January 17, 2022 // Liza Smith

Ironman 140.6 Vitoria Gasteiz – attempt 1 2020, attempt 2 2021, attempt 3 – Lets go 2022.

Now this years attempt depends on more than just Covid restrictions. In one of the weirdest injuries ever sustained (and Chris James was with me when it happened and those are his words!) I managed to screw my foot up running less than a mile on flat grass…I know!

X-Rays and Consultations took place and the official diagnosis was “Grumpy Foot” – this is actually the term used by my consultant. Damaged Ligaments and a foot that was basically “fucked off with the amount of work it had been doing” – yep, again, the actual phrase used at the hospital.

This means we approach the 6 month mark of training prep and I have run the longest distance of a mammoth 4 miles. Houston, we have a problem… or do we? Possibly not actually, I’m a stubborn bitch and love being up against it so realistically, Houston, lets fucking do this.

At this point in 2020 I had just completed my 5 marathons in 5 months, hit a comfortable distance of 1.5 miles in the pool and was damn comfortable working at power on a bike. Roll forward to now and I’ve run 4 miles, not swum since that last session in 2020 and my FTP is down over 25 watts, plus I haven’t been out on my bike since 2020 either. Lets face it, things aren’t looking great.

Before, I had the luxury of using this 6 months to play around. We all know I love CrossFit and was never going to quit CrossFit for any event.. however with such a solid base I could afford do a bit more of the non essential stuff and use some unconventional methods to get myself conditioned and race ready. *At this point I need to stress that for me “race ready” does not mean I am planning on actual racing. I have no interest in being “competitive” and race ready to me means being confident I can finish the event and enjoy the experience. Maybe I should say “participation ready” instead,

This time around I have even, for now, had to give up my 121 Coaching with my Coach, Kerry. This was decided during a meeting we had last week and I am now dead to her 🙁 This should make the CrossFit classes she coaches interesting when I’m in attendance. Will she just ignore me? Will my name even get put up on the board? I jest obviously (hopefully?!) as I need her, and as many positive supporters in my corner now more than ever. The haters are gonna hate, that will never change and thats fine – let them talk, that shit just adds fuel to my fire.

So why quit my coach? I just need that time to dedicate to the basics right now. It’s only an hour a week but when you examine the big picture that hour is needed for the pool. I am still not going to train in the most traditional way as it just isn’t for me and I am not your traditional triathlete. However, this time round it will look a little orthodox.

So training starts in earnest today and that means my weekly Training blog will be back so you can follow my progress, if that interests you, on my Ironman Training Blog

Today is Day 1 and the goal is to get from 0 to 140.6.

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Hi, I’m Liza; A badass, mud-loving, bear loving Fitness Professional. I’m happiest when doing Obstacle Course Races, Mud Runs and Triathlons and whilst doing all the training that these hobbies require.

I am a continuing work in progress, always striving to be the best version of me that I can be.

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