Why a bear???

September 16, 2016 // Liza Smith

I adore bears… All bears… I have been known as Liza Bear to my husband for I can’t remember how long. Since becoming an obstacle course racer I have become Mud Bear.

I have huge admiration for bears as they have all the skills required to be great obstacle course racers. Bears are fast on the ground, great swimmers, fearless climbers and generally awesome at overcoming things that are in their way. I am not generally awesome when it comes to OCR but I try hard and am working very hard to get better.

When launching my fitness company I knew that I wanted a bear to represent my brand, for all of the great qualities they have.

The bear’s name is Fango, which means Mud in Italian #followthebear #followfango

About Liza Smith

Hi, I’m Liza; A badass, mud-loving, bear loving Fitness Professional. I’m happiest when doing Obstacle Course Races, Mud Runs and Triathlons and whilst doing all the training that these hobbies require.

I am a continuing work in progress, always striving to be the best version of me that I can be.

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