IM Training Log w/c 21/10/19

October 27, 2019 // Liza Smith

* I am not including the classes I coach in this training log but for reference I coach 3 indoor cycle, 2 Insanity, 2 Boxercise, 1 LBT and 1 Tabata class a week between Tuesday and Friday.

A pretty smooth week this week. I achieved my goal of 6 days on, 1 day off so that worked! The thing that I have let slide already is the mobility work. I nailed that for the total of 1 week, oops!

Mon: 12:15pm Total Body Conditioning

Usual Monday programming of Row, Bike, Ski. 3 minutes on 1 minute off for 3 rounds. Given my extra rest day at the weekend I was determined to put the effort in today, whilst being mindful of the fact that I was staying for the CrossFit class. It’s a fine balance and not one I always get right.

Mon: 1pm CrossFit Class

5 Minute rounds of DB Snatch, Squats and 200m Run Sprints. The quicker you got the work done, the more rest you got and I as aiming for consistency but started to slow in the final 2 rounds. It was a workout that I really liked the look of, was really looking forward to doing but man, did it hurt. It hurt way more than I thought it would but I did love it.

Tue: 12:15pm Zone 2 5k Run

Once again the first 2 miles went according to plan but mile 3 was hard work, trying to keep the heart rate where I want it. It was marginally quicker than last weeks efforts so something must be working.

Tue: 1pm CrossFit Class

I was not looking forward to this workout and it wasn’t much fun. It was simple; 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 Box Jumps, Push Ups, Jumping Pull Ups. Anytime the rep scheme increases I mentally find it a little tougher. I don’t think I am alone in that. There was an 18 minute time cap and I didn’t finish the final set of 40 Pull Ups. It was close but I was literally working in single reps as my upper body had nothing left.

Wed: 12:15pm Total Body Conditioning

3 10 minute workouts separated by 2 minutes rest. 1 AMRAP of Over Row Buprees, Squats and 200m Row Sprints. Another of 2x8kg DB DT (12 Deadlift, 9 Hang Power Clean, 6 Shoulder to Overhead) + 20 Mountain Climbers and finally a 1 min on, 1 min off Max Effort Ski. I’ve loved DT whenever I’ve done it with a barbell but the dumbbell version was not so great. I think my shoulders, arms and lats were still feeling the effects of yesterday but you know, no excuses. I think we all agreed though that this was one of the toughest TBC classes we had done in a while, possibly ever!

Wed: 1pm CrossFit Class

I really didn’t want to stay for class but that attitude does not an IronMan make so I ordered myself to just refill the water bottle and get my ass to the board for the class briefing. One more AMRAP for the day; 3 Snatch, 6 Clean and Jerk, 400m Run. Ouch! During the skill work practising the lifts even just the barbell felt heavy and I wanted to ensure my technique was as good as possible so I didn’t add anymore weight and stuck at 15kg. I took my time on the lifts, focussing on form and tried to push hard on the runs. I’m not sure I was particularly quick on the run but I do know I couldn’t have done anymore.

Thu: 1pm CrossFit Class

Consistency was the name of the game today. 5 Rounds comprising of 3 minutes work, 1 minute rest and the goal was to hit the same number of reps every round. The rounds were made up of 1 min Max Effort Wall Balls, Hang Power Snatch (yep, more Snatch work!) and Calories on the Rower. Despite being in a world of pain I actually really enjoyed this one and managed to score pretty evenly.

Fri: 12:15pm Total Body Conditioning

Again, 3 10 minute workouts separated by 2 minutes rest. 1 AMRAP of 200m Run Sprints, 10 Single Arm 10kg Devil Press. 1 EMOM of 40/20 2x10kgDB Box Step Overs and Ski and 1 min on, 1 min off Max Effort on the Assault Bike. Despite teaching 3 classes prior to arriving at the gym, and knowing that I feel wiped out, I always have the intention of doing the double of TBC and CrossFit Class but as per the last two weeks, I finished TBC and quit. I think I’m using the fact that it’s ‘The Open’ as a bit of an excuse as I’m not doing The Open this time round. Maybe in 3 weeks time, when it’s all over, I will be more inclined, or have less excuse, to suck it up and stay for class.

Sat: Rest Day

More alcohol today. I have drunk more in the last 6 weeks than I think I have all year. It’s not that big a deal. It wasn’t a vast amount of alcohol but I already know that in 2020, until we arrive at the CrossFit Games, post IronMan, I will not be drinking, at all.

Sun: 9:30am Sunday Boxing Squad

3 of my girls came over today to workout with me. Along with working some combinations we included a 5 min Assault Bike Test, 100m Row Sprints, Box Step Ups, Squats and Sit Ups. 1 hour of fun, team work and sweat.

Sun: 5:30pm 5k Run

I was planning to do a zone 2 run but as soon as I got outside I thought sod it, I’m just going to run. I pulled my sleeve down over my watch and did just that. As most runners do, I accurately know 1 mile, 3 mile and 6 mile routes in all directions from my house so I choose a 3 mile route and set off. It was comfortable and I was having a long conversation with David Goggins in my head (I don’t like to run with music). When I got back I was pleasantly surprised to find I’d run a 26:57 while keeping my heart rate in zone 2 for 20 minutes. This whole Zone 2 training stuff does actually work it seems.

*A few of you have asked what my full week actually looks like so here it is!

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