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Gym & Home Workouts

A tailored programme designed to give you ALL the coaching and support you need that can be used at home or the gym as required.

Membership includes:

Tailored Programme
Your programme be specifically targeted to reach your goals
Flexible Schedules
Programming is scheduled to your availability
Nutritional advice
Eating guidelines and a sensible plan is included to help optimize your eating without ‘dieting’
Weekly Check-ins
Together we’ll address results and tweak your programming as you progress
On-going Support
If you need a little extra boost we can talk about it

If you’re new to exercise or the gym, stuck for ideas and bored with your current routine or looking to turn things up a notch without the commitment or expense of one to one sessions this is the perfect alternative.

Online coaching service is a great way to get on track and achieve your goals.

You are 100% accountable whilst working out as, although I create the workouts for you, you have to be the one to do them and do them to the best of your ability.

All workouts are written with progression at YOUR pace in mind, so you will be able to see your improvements throughout the month.

How it works

1: Once you’ve signed up I’ll send you to our ‘Online Coaching Planning Questionnaire’ page with an online form
(it’s online and instant but we can download and post you a paper one if you prefer)

2: You then fill it out and send it

3: I’ll look through it and contact you so we can agree the best time, date and method for your weekly check-ins

4: I will plan workouts and schedule specifically to suit your needs

5: Each week we will have our weekly catch-up where we can discuss the workouts, your goals and progression, nutrition and anything else relevant to your journey.

What does it cost?

£30 *per month
*Coaching will continue for every month payment is received.

How to Pay

Payment can be made in the following easy ways:

Pay by PayPal Subscriptions:

*SUBSCRIPTIONS can be cancelled via your PayPal account

BACS (Bank) Transfer:
Name: Mrs ER Smith
Sort: 07-01-16
Acc: 2706 5443
*You can cancel by notifying your bank

If you require any other information then please just get in touch.

Coach Liza