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Forza Gear

I have partnered with local independent clothing Brand Big Crocodile to bring you the Forza Fitness Sports Wear Range.

I chose Big Crocodile as their brand values and company ethos aligns perfectly with mine. As far as reasonably possible they ensure the ethical working practic-es of their suppliers and the quality of their garments is unbeatable.

Check it out for yourself and use code FORZA to receive 10% off all full-price items sitewide (not just on the FF range)

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Nutrition Books

I am not about fad diets, quick fixes or trying to cheat people to a healthy lifestyle. None of that works or if it does, the results are temporary. Who wants that?!

Health and Fitness have been my passion for as long as I can remember and over the years I have been persuaded to try varied fads and fixes. I was either trying to genuinely see if they worked or I was trying to understand why people were wasting money on them. Guess what, none of it gave me lasting results.

Since working in the fitness industry my knowledge about nutrition has increased tenfold and it’s clear to me how shocking the diet industry is. I speak to people every day who are either on or considering some depressing, low-calorie crash diet, who are giving up exercise as they get better results at weigh-ins without it, or who just truly feel so beat down by so much varied information they don’t know what to do.

Here’s a fact: There is no easy way to get to where you want to be. Whether the goal is to be stronger, fitter, faster or just look good naked it is going to take work and good nutrition, which means keeping on top of your daily intake and getting your calories and macros on point. This is where this book comes in, providing the knowledge you need to help you get on, and stay on, the right track.

My aim with this range of books is to help people make sustainable nutrition changes to bring about long term results. This stuff really works. No banned foods and everything in moderation. I am all about eating real food, in the right quantities to sustain your body and fuel it to do what you want it to.

Special Features:

PDF Format
Electronic Delivery
30 Recipes per book
Full written instructions
Video demonstrations
Full calorie info
Macro breakdown
MyFitnessPal barcode


*New* Skincare

When are you trying to become Bad Ass what you put on your skin matters? You need hardworking and effective products that support and enhance your effort. Who doesn’t want all that hard work to show, and that includes having glowing, healthy-looking skin and hair.

Being Bad Ass means caring about the people and the world around you and to that end, I am very proud to announce that I am a Tropic Skincare & Cosmetic Ambassador.

Being cruelty and chemical-free is a key life priority for me.

All the products are made with Premium Natural Plant Extracts. They are, naturally, against animal testing and are proudly certified by the Vegan Society.

The company is certified carbon neutral and holds the Ethical Accreditation awarded by Ethical Company Organisation.

They contain no Parabens or Chemicals. The Skincare range is also British made products; these are all handmade in small batches in their Surrey workshop to ensure freshness and they are affordable.

As well as being cruelty-free and chemical-free and 100% natural Tropic are working hard to improve the world around them. Every £50 spent on Tropic pays for a child in a developing country on the other side of the world to go to school for a day and in 2019 we opened our first fully funded school in partnership with the United Worlds School charity.

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