IM Training Log w/c 24.02.20

Body Comp Stats 
Weight: 75.1kg (-1.0kg)
Body Fat %: 28 (-0.3)
Muscle %: 33.8 (+/- 0)

Mon: 12:30pm 6 Hour Hell Session

Kerry (my coach for you new readers) kindly agreed to do this once a month for me and this one came around real quick. I felt a bit like I had gone to war with CrossFit and I although I survived, I got my butt well and truly kicked in the process.
Workout 1:
100 Jumps over the Jerk Blocks
Every 10 reps = 10 Russian Twist (10kg plate)
Every 20 reps = 20 Kettlebell Swing (16kg KB)
Every 50 reps = 10 Sumo Deadlift (35kg)

Workout 2 / 3 / 4:
2 min Handstand Hold
10 min Wall Sit
6 min Hollow Hold at top of Dip Bar

Workout 5:
7k Run
5k Assault Bike
3k Ski Erg
*all in weight vest

Workout 6: Memorial Workout ‘Gilbert Drake’
Accumulate 6 minutes hanging from the rig
1st drop from rig = 800m Run + 20 Burpee Box Jump Overs
2nd drop from rig = 600m Run + 20 Burpee Box Jump Overs
3rd drop from rig = 400m Run + 20 Burpee Box Jump Overs
4th and every subsequent drop = 200m Run + 20 Burpee Box Jump Overs
*Should have only been Burpee Box Jumps but I misread the workout!
This one hurt. For one of the first times ever I started to hate burpees. Luckily Toby was on hand to present me with a little written motivation…

Workout 7: The Finale
100 cal Assault Bike
100 cal Ski Erg
100 cal Row
Every 2 minutes = 10 meter walking lunge w/ 12.5kg Dumbbell

All done and my lats, delts, glutes and hamstrings felt completely beaten up, exactly what I wanted so once again it was time to thank Kerry for an amazing job and head home to start the clean up process as I appeared to have been cleaning the floor of the gym with my legs….

Tues: Rest Day – funny that!

Wed: 6:45am Indoor Cycle Class + 2 mile Run

Coach cycle. Run with Gary. Standard Weds morning and I was surprised at how well my legs held up. I thought this would be the slowest run ever but I did ok. Again, the constant chat helped 🙂

Thu: 9:30am Indoor Cycle Class

Coached week 9 of my programme which is an homage to my favourite stage of The Tour last year. Stage 15, a mountain stage with awesome climbs and an uphill finish.

Thu: 6:30pm Coach By Colour Indoor Cycle Class

Second attempt at The Tour stage, I enjoyed it just as much the second time round and it may just be my favourite week of the programme this year. The plan was to hit another run after class with Gary but he forgot and I took the easy way out and went home, rather than run on my own.

Fri: 1pm CrossFit Class

Kerry asked me when I arrived how I was feeling and I answered honestly that I felt really good. Skill/Strength focus was all about the Overhead Squat but if I put anything more than a PVC pipe above my head I could really feel it in my lower back (yes, I am still struggling with it nearly 2 months on!) so it was Front Squats for me… 5 sets of 3, building up to a heavy 3 for the day. Given everything I did Monday I didn’t go near my usual heavy but what I did do felt heavy enough and as Kerry says “If it feels heavy, thats because it’s heavy!”
The workout was a 10 minute AMRAP of 1 Front Squat, 1 Pull Up (jumping for me), adding another rep of each movement every round. Three rounds in and I realised how tired my lats, triceps and shoulders still were. When I told Kerry this she just laughed and said “I thought that would be the case!” Remember kids, just like your mum, your coach knows everything!

Sat: Planned Rest Day

Sun: Unplanned Rest Day

My alarm went off at 6:30am so I could get up and head to the pool, followed by the cycle studio but I rolled over, turned it off and snuggled back down in bed with my husband and our dog.
I decided to give myself one lazy morning and have a day where I’m not getting up, rushing around and then catching up with my husband later in the day. Even on rest days I have to get up for work so we don’t get mornings like this anymore.
Did I feel guilty? No
Did I completely enjoy sitting in bed drinking tea, reading my book and even (horrific gasp!) eating a few biscuits? You fucking bet I did.
So there will be an X over this mornings session. Big deal. It is just one session and as long as this doesn’t become the habit (which I already know won’t happen as a I am too focussed on my goal) there is no harm done. 
I know how much effort I put in this week and I made the instant decision to put just as much effort into some pure quality time with my family as that was where I have been slacking this week!

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  • IM Training Log w/c 10.02.20

    *No body stats this week. Storm Dennis kicked in and I couldn’t be fudged to go down to the studio in that just to stand on the scales. I can wait until next week!

    Mon: 12:15pm Total Body Conditioning

    Back to our regular scheduled programming, meaning Monday = Row, Bike, Ski. 40 secs on, 20 secs off. Hold the same calories every round, which for me was Row – 13, Bike – 11, Ski – 9. Need to get stronger on that Ski Erg!!!

    Mon: 1pm Core Training

    Starting to step up the amount of core work as I am very aware that I made a slightly tipsy agreement with our CrossFit Box’s Head Coach and I also want to line up on the start line of the IronMan with a 6 pack… not because it will make me a better athlete or more likely to finish but because I want to prove I can dedicate myself to my nutrition and training.
    I did the 10 minute Eliud Kipchoge routine and then spent 15 minutes running through various exercises such as Sit Ups, Russian Twists and GHD Sit Ups (The Glute Hamstring Developer – not hair straighters)

    Tue: 11:30am FTP Test

    Straight after coaching Insanity I headed for the beautiful IC7 indoor bike and started my FTP Ramp Test. Note to self, never do an FTP Test in an open gym when you don’t have your headphones. The constant grime playlist drove me to distraction and I actually quit maybe 1 ramp earlier than I should as I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was still very happy with the result and got an increase of 24 watts! If it had been my one shot as a test I would have dug in and carried on but I knew I could have another go soon. I already have some quality time booked with my coach’s Bike Erg next week and that is to do a 20 minute FTP test.

    Tue: 3pm David Goggins Guided Home Workout

    I felt like doing something extra today and while chatting with my good friend Mr Chris James his plans for a run were foiled so he said he was going to give the Goggins workout a go. I hadn’t yet sampled this particular delight so decided to do the same. He warned me not to preview it and just do it so I did as I was told. My only mistake was doing it in bare feet. My calf muscles did not appreciate that very much and if you give it a go, you will see why.
    if you want to try it, it’s on YouTube:

    Wed: 6:45am Indoor Cycle Class and 2 mile Run

    Coach a cycle class, run with Gary. A good start to every Wednesday! I slightly felt the effects of yesterdays FTP test in the legs but nothing too bad. Too busy chatting on the run to really even think about whether it hurts or not. I guess that means it didn’t?!

    Wed: 1pm CrossFit Class

    Partner WOD with the husband today. Toby didn’t split us up today (no matter how much I hinted!) so we got to throw down together. It was an awesome workout;
    20 Rounds – 30 min time cap
    You Go I GO – 1 round each at a time
    200m Row, 4 25kg Hang Power Clean, 6 Over Bar Burpees.
    We pushed each other hard and got in just under the time cap. Boom! I always feel lucky that we are able to work out together and push each other. I know some couples that either get too competitive or just too angry with each other but we compliment each other quite well… plus there’s no point being competitive as he is pretty much better at everything than me and I’m ok with that!

    Thu: 9:30am Indoor Cycle Class

    Week 7 = Unbreakable; A pyramid session of endurance, sprint, race, climb, mountain, climb, race, sprint, endurance. It does not let up 🙂

    Thu: 6:30pm Coach By Colour Indoor Cycle Class + RPM class

    Coached the Coach By Colour Class then took a participant bike in studio (next to Gary for some motivation) for the second class. Back to back classes just to get a bit more time in the saddle.

    Fri: Rest Day

    Unplanned rest day. It was one of those days where other things became more important so training went out the window. Some people get really stressed when plans do not run exactly as dictated but I am not one of these people. I don’t get really down and/or angry/stress when injured… if I did, there would have been a whole load of stress last year! I’m currently dealing with a back issue but I am just figuring out how to work around it, although maybe the Hang Power Cleans on Weds weren’t such a good idea.

    Sat: Planned Rest Day

    Sun: 9:45am Indoor Cycle Class

    I was supposed to be out on my bike this morning but Storm Dennis made sure that, for the second week in a row, that didn’t happen. However, yesterday evening I got a request to cover Cycle at Nuffield Chichester and gladly accepted. I introduced them to the Power Pyramid session and from the feedback I got, they LOVED it! I’m glad as so do I.
    Not quite the milage I should have done but better than nothing.

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  • IM Training Log w/c 03.02.20

    Body Comp Stats 
    Weight: 75.5kg (-0.1kg)
    Body Fat %: 28.9 (-0.1)
    Muscle %: 33.4 (+/- 0)

    This week is my first de-load week of the year and after a hell session on Monday and 33 mile Ultra on Sunday man, did I need it!

    Mon: Rest Day

    Normally the day after a marathon/ultra I would go to the box and do a very light recovery total body conditioning session but I was told by many sources (Kerry – my coach and Tim @ We Dominate Nutrition, my nutrition coach to name just two) to just take the day off. I quite like to move the day after as I think it helps my recovery so I took Cracker dog for a long walk instead.

    Tue: 10:30am Insanity Class

    Coaching this class wouldn’t normally even be considered as part of my training but on de-load week it counts.

    Wed: 6:45am Indoor Cycle Class and 2 Mile Run

    I asked my class this morning “have you ever seen a Spin Instructor die on a bike before?” Even during the warm up my legs felt heavy and my breathing was very laboured. I struggled through the entire class but made it through and weirdly, the run was absolutely fine. Well, I say fine. It is supposed to be a zone 2 run and on checking my watch at the end it was pretty much all in Zone 3. I had Gary for company again (thanks Gary) so maybe the fact that we just chat had something to do with that.

    Wed: 1pm Pull Up and Push Up work

    Amy and I, same thing every week, working on a couple of our weaknesses for half an hour. I recently found Eliud Kipchoghe’s 10 minute core routine from his training camp on YouTube and did this before we started the Upper Body Work.

    Thu: 9:30am Indoor Cycle Class

    The first go at Speed Week this year, renamed ‘Get Faster’ for 2020. I was a little nervous after how hard yesterday’s class was, especially as speed work is not my favourite. It was still tough, but I felt a little better than yesterday.

    Thu: 6:30pm Coach By Colour Indoor Cycle Class

    Get Faster take 2… Having the power meter and colour zones keeping me honest and controlling my output meant nowhere to hide and I honestly don’t think I have worked as hard on that bike as I did in this class to keep up. I hated myself a little bit for creating the damn session!

    Fri: 10:30am 400m Swim

    After coaching Insanity, LBT and Tabata classes I took advantage of the Nuffield Chichester facilities and hit their pool for an easy 400m. They only had one lane open as there was an aqua aerobic class going on which made the swim a little busy and choppy. I guess thats good IM training in itself.

    Sat: Rest Day

    Sun: 9:30am Sunday Funday Boxing Session

    I was due to do a 15 mile cycle today but thanks to Storm Ciara I decided to bin this idea and Saturday night I put a call out to some of the Forza Fitness squad to see if anyone fancied a boxing session. Lorraine and Anna answered the call and we spent about an hour boxing, combining it with Squats, Jump Lunges, Slamballs, Push Ups and Sit Ups. All done by 10:45 meaning The Boy and I had the rest of the day to binge watch The Stranger (in between taking Cracker Dog to his training school) and yes, we finished the entire series by 10:30pm!

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  • Return of the 6 Hour Hell Session: Choose your Own Adventure

    In 2018 I did 4 of these sessions. They came about because I was training for a 36 hour SAS style event where you had no idea what you would be asked to do. I had worked as staff for the event the previous year so I could get some first hand experience and understand a little more about what it might be like. I was talking to Kerry about it during one of our PT sessions and I commented it that it would be really good training to somehow do some longer sessions. About 15 minutes later we had a plan for a 6 hour session where she would plan various workouts for me and I would just turn up and do whatever she gave me. Given the work she was putting in planning this for me the deal was that I could never say no or alter them. The workouts would be as directed. I’m not sure when they became known as Hell Sessions but the descriptions fits. Unfortunately the event I was training for was cancelled so there was no need to do anymore…. until now. As I’m now training for an IronMan I asked Kerry if we could bring it back, with a pure focus on endurance (as the SAS focussed sessions had some stress stuff included, both mental and physical) and because she is awesome, and I think she loves the challenge and seeing how far she can push me, she immediately said yes. We set a date and that was that. 

    I arrived at the gym at 12:30 as planned and as soon as I walked in she had a huge grin on her face. I love that she enjoys this and it comes across in her planning and attention to detail. We went to the office to go through the plan and she handed me two beautifully written sheets of A4 paper, written in pink pen for extra effect as she knows I love pink (not much!) 

    The two sheets contained 6 workouts. It was a choose your own adventure day so I could do the workouts in any order. Here is how the 6 hours played out:

    *Just FYI I haven’t included my scores as honestly why do you care? The one thing I hate about marathon running is that the only thing people generally ask is “what was your time?”. This is why Tough Mudder holds so much appeal to me as it’s all about the personal challenge, teamwork and camaraderie and not about your time. 

    Workout 1: 100 Rep Challenge – For Time
    100 Burpee Box Jump Overs (over the Jerk Blocks)

    I chose to do this one first as I figured doing it later in the day would be awful. I also (wrongly) thought that this was the only burpee workout and I figured get the burpees out of the way. I didn’t go all out as you know, first workout so I broke it down in to ten sets of ten with a 10 to 30 second break between sets. I’m always trying to figure out how to move more efficiently and managed to find a rhythm and technique over the blocks that minimised the amount of work I had to do. 

    Workout 2: Row, Jump, Swing – For Time
    1000m row, 10 x 24” Box Jump, 10 x 24kg Kettlebell Swing
    750m row, 20 x 24” Box Jump, 20 x 20kg Kettlebell Swing
    500m row, 30 x 24” Box Jump, 30 x 16kg Kettlebell Swing
    500m row, 30 x 24” Box Jump, 30 x 16kg Kettlebell Swing
    750m row, 20 x 24” Box Jump, 20 x 20kg Kettlebell Swing
    1000m row, 10 x 24” Box Jump, 10 x 24kg Kettlebell Swing

    More jumping so I decided again to do this one early on while the legs were still fresh. I paced the row, focussing on consistency with both pace and stroke rate. The box was higher than I’m used to using in a workout as female box height is generally 20”. I liked this element of the challenge and appreciated the fact that I got to use the soft box in case of mishap. 

    Workout 3: Weighted Run – For Time
    5k Run in 7kg weight vest

    Simple. Put the vest on, head out the door and come back 5k later. This outdoor workout was always going to take place at 2pm as Kerry and Toby wanted to get out of the the gym for a change of scenery, to get warm and a coffee 🙂  

    I haven’t ever run more than 1 mile on my vest so this was one I was really looking forward. I had no idea how the vest would affect my pacing on a longer run but it felt comfortable and my Zone 2 training must be paying off. I was about 2 minutes slower than usual on an easy 5k and I spent 95% of that time in Zone 2. I managed to get back before Kerry and Toby meaning the gym was still shut but once again they showed why they are the best coaches as my water bottle was waiting for me on the doorstep. 

    Workout 4: Push, Pull, Ride – For Meters
    For one hour 60kg Prowler Push / Pull (10 meters each way)
    Every 50 meters complete:
    25 cals on Assault Bike and 30 sec 70kg Hex Bar Hold

    I kinda wanted to do this one with tired legs to help work on my endurance, especially as it involves the bike. This may be a controversial statement but I actually love the Assault Bike. I was most concerned about the Hex Bar Hold but this only became really taxing in the last two rounds which was a pleasant surprise. The pull of the prowler is so much easier than the push and the minute I get distracted with the thoughts I lose count, even though I only need to count 5 lengths at a time! This workout become quite monotonous but that was the point right. As Kerry said after “you’re going to be sat on a bike for hours… you need to learn to deal with it” and she’s right. The music during this workout was a pop punk playlist which I really dislike but I embraced this as well as it helped toughen the mind. 

    Workout 5: 500 Rep Challenge – For Time
    100 x Wall Ball (10lb ball)
    100 x 10kg Dumbbell Snatch
    100 x 35kg Sumo Deadlift
    100 x Jumping Pull Up
    100 x Shuttle Run (Burpee)
    *Split reps as you wish.

    I’d left this workout til late as I liked the look of it and didn’t expect it to be too bad. I was wrong!  This workout stole a little piece of my soul. I’d not noticed the burpee next to shuttle run for one but that wasn’t actually that bad. I’d been feeling really positive before this workout, pleased with how things had been going and how my endurance seems to be improving. Kerry’s advice was to split the reps into 10 rounds of 10 so that is exactly what I did. I started the first two rounds with a 12.5kg dumbbell for the snatch but switched down to 10kg as it was not going up well. The 5 movements together were just hell (so at least on brand for the session I guess!) and every minute of it sucked. It took longer than it should have done as there was much rest… especially during the jumping pull ups, which ended up in sets of 3! 

    Workout 6: 40 Min EMOM
    Min 1: 15 Cal Ski Erg
    Min 2: 50kg D Ball 10 meter carry
    Min 3: 10 x Hanging Leg Raise (from Rings)
    Min 4: 10 x 10kg Russian Twist
    Min 5: Rest

    I’d saved this until last as it looked relatively simple and I figured the EMOM format would keep me on point if I started to feel like I wanted to slow down. The 15 cals on the Ski Erg were averaging 45 seconds so I knew I couldn’t relax there but luckily it came after the rest so this was manageable. The 50kg D Ball got switched to 30kg for the last two rounds as my back was pulling slightly when trying to pick it up. To make up for the change it weight we increased the distance. My grip was properly tested in the Leg Raises and again, these got split after the first two rounds. But, 8 rounds later and it was all done. 

    A huge thank you to Kerry for all her planning and general evil genius, and Team Cooley (Kerry and Toby) for allowing me to use their space for my training, especially while classes were going on. 

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