As mentioned in my previous post about my coach, Kerry, here is an example of what a 6 hr Hell Session looks like…

Workout 1: 20 burpees + 400m run. 19 burpees + 400m run. 18 burpees + 400m run.. all the way down to 1 burpee + 400m run.

Workout 2: 1 mile sandbag run (sandbag weight 15kg)

Workout 3: 3km assault bike, 3km row, 3km ski erg, 2km bike, 2km row, 2km ski, 1km bike, 1km row, 1 bike ski.

Workout 4: Accumulate 10 minutes in an active hang from the rig

Workout 5: Outdoor 200m walking sandbag lunge (sandbag weight 20kg)

Workout 6: Accumulate 10 minutes in a 90 degree wall sit

Workout 7: 10 minute 65kg prowler push / pull (approx 25/30 meters)

Workout 8: 10 min AMRAP of 100m 2 x 20kg farmer carry, 100m bear crawl

And that, as they say, is all folks 🙂