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Training with Liza is great! She has been encouraging and supportive towards me meeting my own personal goals. During our sessions, Liza has encouraged me to try new workouts which have kept me motivated and on track. The workouts are challenging but they never lose the fun element which has enabled me to enjoy exercise so much more than I ever have done before. Liza has supported my quest to lose weight for my upcoming wedding and she has taken me right out of my comfort zone.

If someone told me this time a year ago that I’d be about to complete another Tough Mudder, or that I’d be regularly running and lifting weights, I never would have believed them. Although I have lost inches working with Liza, I have gained so much confidence towards being happy with the way I look and towards developing my own health and fitness. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending training with Liza; my ongoing journey with her has been better than I ever would have imagined.

Abbie Towler, Started PT in Sept 2016, 1 session a fortnight

I heard about Liza through a friend at my Thursday spin class (which Liza teaches and is awesome!) I had often thought about getting a PT but always felt a bit intimidated. Liza fitted me in straight away and made me feel right at ease from my first session. I was stuck in a rut attending the same classes each week, and just wanted some good advice and a personalised work out plan that suited me.

I see Liza once a week and started seeing results within a few weeks. It’s been over a year now and I feel so much better in myself. My body shape has certainly changed for the better. It took me a while to adjust to it, but the positive comments from friends and family made the hard work worth it!

My initial goal was purely aesthetic-to be honest I just wanted to look good in my bikini for an upcoming holiday. However, now that I have achieved this, my mindset has changed. Now I want to become fitter!

I’ve taken on challenges that I might have thought about doing, but never actually ‘got round to.’ I’ve started running park run once a week, am about to take on my third tough mudder (with a fourth one on the cards!) and tackle my second judgement day run! I’ve also made some great friends through training.

Liza will bend over backwards for her clients. She has created food plans for me, personalised gym plans and has even been able to help me outside of my session time if I am really struggling with my nutrition or training. We do stats every four weeks, which tell me my inch loss, muscle percentage, body fat percentage, resting metabolic rate and other important stats that help me with training and nutrition. I know not all personal trainers offer the same service.

I look forward to my session every week and although it’s a tough hour, I always come out with a smile on my face.

Anna Green, Started PT in March 2017, 1 session a week

I first started training with Liza as a friend when we both signed up for the 2017 London Marathon.

With her help and encouragement, I managed to go from barely being able to run 3 miles to complete the 26.2 mile course and actually enjoying it!

After the training was finished I started working with Liza as a personal trainer mainly as I wanted to lose weight but what we have achieved is far better than this.

With Liza’s help, I have started training in ways I never thought possible. Her sessions are always tailored to what you want to achieve, totally diverse well planned and most importantly for me despite being a whole lot of hard work they are fun. Iv achieved a fantastic level of fitness and strength in ways I never thought possible and whilst my weight hasn’t really changed my shape is totally different and I’m really happy about that.

She had given me the tools to confidently train on my own and I’m no longer scared of hitting the weights session in the gym on my own despite the big guys you find there lol

Liza is committed and passionate about fitness. She is a great motivator and I can not recommend her enough.

Kerry Turner | Started PT in July 2017, 2 sessions a week

I cannot speak highly enough of Liza, I had been thinking about doing PT sessions for years but have been delaying it as wasn’t sure what to expect.

After meeting Liza in one of her Insanity sessions I could tell straight away I would be comfortable working with her. Liza really cares about what I want to achieve, she helps me stay positive and really motivates me during each session, as well as providing me with workout plans for me to do at the gym myself.

For someone who was not confident on equipment or even what to do at the gym, Liza was perfect for educating me on this and pushing me to do the best I can every time.
And the best bit is it works!! Trouser size down and upper body strength continuously improving!
Her sessions have a real variety to them so no chance of getting bored or repetitive, I enjoy every session no matter how much they hurt!!
Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about getting a PT.

Matt Whorlow, Started Feb 2018 as final push before his wedding in May

I first started training with Liza about 7 months ago. As a mum of two young children and with a busy job, I found I was starting to neglect my own health and fitness. I felt tired constantly and my goal was to be able to do more without constantly feeling exhausted. Liza has been great, she’s tailored each session to suit my energy levels and gradually helped me build stamina and core strength. She has also been giving me information on diet and healthy choices where small changes can make a big difference. As a result, I can now easily tackle the local soft play scene with my toddlers, crawling through the tunnels, up the climbing frames and down the slide with energy left to be able to do some cooking and even stay awake at work the next day!

I could have joined the gym but probably wouldn’t ever have turned up to it. Liza addresses things holistically, she looks at your goals and puts together a plan for you as an individual. She clearly loves what she does and I look forward to my workouts, the best ‘me’ time in the week.

Auz Irani, Started PT in August 2017, 1 session a week

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