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Forza (def): Force, Power, Muscle, Strength.
Can also be used as a term of encouragement!

Hi and welcome to my website and blog 🙂

I’m Liza Smith and Forza Fitness is my dream come true.

I am passionate about health and fitness and I love working with clients to help them achieve their goals, whether that’s dropping pounds, reaching a new fitness level, hitting a new PB or  just maintaining some sort of regular fitness regime.

Forza Fitness is my fitness company focused on helping people achieve their goals by offering tried & tested, fully tailored Personal Training in Havant, Portsmouth, Fareham, Chichester and surrounding areas.

Full details about my Personal Training services is available here.

Click the links or scroll down for information on the other services I offer: group exercise classes, FIIT training and workout planning.

On my blog I will post regular updates on what I’m up to, innovative training ideas and fitness and nutrition tips to help you become the you, you really want to be.

Personal Training

Sessions can take place either in my private studio space or your home
(provided you are within a 25km range of PO9 and have adequate space).

If training at my Studio:
One to one – £20 per hour or 6 sessions for £100 if block booked
You and a friend (max 2 people) – £30 per hour or 6 sessions for £150 if block booked

If training at your Home:
One to one – £25 per hour or 6 sessions for £125 if block booked
You and a friend (max 2 people) – £35 per hour or 6 sessions for £175 if block booked

My guarantee is that I will deliver a professional and complete training experience.

All sessions are fully tailored to meet your unique aims and goals and fully recorded so that you can track your ongoing progress and this will help keep you motivated.

I use a range of tried and tested training systems and methods to keep session interesting and fun, such as TRX, Boxing, Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Power Bags, Slamballs and Free Weights.

I take a fully holistic approach to fitness and consider all elements that can effect your progression; training, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep habits and stress levels.

Your Training

I will create and deliver challenging but effective training sessions, custom made for you to achieve loss of body fat and an increase in lean muscle. My aim is to inspire you and hopefully you will learn a lot in the process too. My motto is strong, not skinny. I am all about being lean, fit, strong and healthy.

Your Nutrition

There are so many pitfalls when it comes to nutrition. An incorrect diet can cause muscle loss and slow your metabolism. You need to fuel your body correctly for the lifestyle you have and the training you do and I will help you do this.

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will affect your health and fitness and these can and should be taken into consideration when putting together an action plan to achieve your goals. Smoking and drinking are obvious factors but it’s also about the job that you do, what you do in your spare time, medication, health factors…it all contributes.

Your Sleep Habits

We all know a good night’s sleep is one of the best things for us, but it’s not achievable for many people. Considering your sleep patterns and the rest your body gets will help shape your training plan.

Workout Plans

Monthly Workout Planning

£20 per month

Tailored workout plan; usually including 4 different workouts per month, designed for either a gym or home space (or both depending on your needs). These workouts will be designed to help you achieve your specific goals, as agreed during the consultation process.

Consultation takes place via initial questionnaire and follow up discussion (by phone, Skype or email depending on your preference).

Classes & Courses


Throughout the year I also run various outdoor bootcamp, HIITs (Or FIITs as I call it -Forza Intensity Interval Training) and Circuit courses. Details of these will be released as and when new courses become available.

Please check Facebook for up to date info or contact me.

Group Exercise Classes

As well as being a PT I am also a fully qualified group fitness and gym instructor. I teach various classes at gyms around the Havant, Portsmouth and Fareham area.

Current Class Schedule

Insanity @ 24/7, Fareham – Mon @ 6pm
Boxercise @ 24/7, Fareham – Tues @ 10.30am
Boxercise @ Horizon, Havant – Tues @ 7.00pm
Spin @ Horizon, Havant – Weds @6.45am
Box-a-circuit @ 24/7 Fareham – Weds @ 9.30am
Spin @ 24/7, Fareham – Thurs @ 9.30am
Spin @ Horizon, Havant – Thurs @ 6.30pm
Insanity @ Nuffield, Chichester – Fri @ 6.45am
Bootcamp @ Nuffield, Chichester – Fri @ 9.30am
Bootcamp @ Nuffield, Chichester – Sun @8.15am
Spin @David Lloyd, Port Solent – Sun @ 10.35am

About Forza fitness

Who is Liza Smith?

I am a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and group run leader. I am fully insured and REPS registered.

Being so passionate about health and fitness means my spare time is mostly dedicated to training and participating in some form of racing. I am a complete Obstacle Course Race addict and also enjoy trail and road running and doing the very occasional triathlon.

Professionally, I help transform bodies and lives. I take my role extremely seriously and this means I am always learning and working to be at the cutting edge of the health and fitness industry so that I can deliver you the most effective training and nutrition plans.

These plans alone, however, are not enough. I will work with you to achieve long lasting lifestyle changes to ensure your hard work sticks and the results you achieve last.

The Forza Fitness Ethos:

I believe in practising what I preach and therefore take my training and nutrition seriously. I am not interested in perfect, I am interested in positive change, improvement and creating something different. I know that I will never be a particularly speedy runner and I REALLY enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut! However, I always try to lead from the front when it comes to putting in the effort and being a motivating force.

I have learnt how to endure and overcome the struggles, problems and emotions that we all encounter when trying to make a desired positive lifestyle change.

Success is never a straight road but I will work with you so that we try to avoid the negative pitfalls, manage them if and when they do come and no matter what, achieve that positive transformation you are looking for.

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Fitness isn’t just about how you look; it’s about how you feel, how you function and even how you think.
Whether you’re already fit and need some new inspiration or if you’re starting out I’m happy to offer complete support for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The tools you need to challenge yourself and reach your potential are right here waiting.

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(Leave a message if I’m in a class or with a client I’ll get right back to you when I can)

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